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The days of using traditional methods for managing the operations of FinTech enterprises are far behind. Instead, the new-age Fintech companies are embracing the technological capabilities of AI/ML and data analytics to ensure better operational efficiency. 59% of organizations expect more jobs related to data analytics to increase significantly over the next five years.

​This is acting as a catalyst for businesses in the country to opt for data analytics outsourcing. Cloud migration has also boosted adoption as inherent cloud characteristics, such as scalability, agility, cost-effective storage options, and access to vast processing power, complement the ability to harvest Big Data. Besides, cloud computing technology has become mainstream, and the seamless connectivity provided by the cloud is making it accessible and leading to the generation of Big Data and applications. According to the Right Scale’s annual State of the Cloud Report 2021, 19% of businesses use public cloud, 2% use private cloud, and 78% use hybrid cloud. Hence, the advent of cloud technology is also boosting the growth of the market studied. Over 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years, as per IBM.

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| Beware the 12 myths of data analytics and sure-fire ways organizations fail at data analytics. Sourcefit is a business process outsourcing company with offices in the Philippines and the Dominican Republic. We are focused on providing custom offshore and nearshore staffing solutions.

While outsourcing has been around for ages, the ways companies are leveraging outsourcing are changing. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, cost optimization is still a key driver of outsourcing but is no longer the biggest consideration. Today, organizations are applying more strategic approaches to outsourcing to achieve their business transformation initiatives that go well beyond trimming the bottom line. They contracted Quantum to build image processing solutions based on computer vision techniques. The software helped achieve 80% accuracy in hemp detection and 90% in picking up diseases.

The step came after realizing that they lacked the capability to analyze the root cause of the problems and that growing an in-house team would take a considerable amount of time and financial resources. The uncertainties brought by the COVID-19 pandemic have tested the decision-making skills of business leaders. Risks and uncertainties always exist in business, but they can be mitigated when you decide based on reliable data. Even with data analytics being a relatively new field, it has undergone significant transformation over the past years.

Outsource Big Data expertise to enhance security, motivate your customers to share data, make reliable forecasts, and boost customer satisfaction. Our experts can consult you on best practices and approaches to Big Data implementation. They will also provide you with a step-by-step project execution strategy and a list of values you can get after the project release.

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The age of digitization has brought in huge amount of digital data production across the world. One of the main factors driving this increase in digital data output is the increased penetration of digital devices, such as smartphones and computers, in the everyday lives of ordinary consumers. In a world where data-driven decision making becomes more sophisticated by the day, no company can afford to ignore the competitive advantage to be gained from a robust data analytics process.

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And they know exactly what to do from the moment they walk in your door, with up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies, methods, and processes. The data analytics outsourcing market is mainly segmented on the basis of type, application, and industry vertical. Based on type, the market is divided into descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. Based on application, the market is classified into sales analytics, marketing analytics, risk & financial analytics, supply chain analytics, and others. Based on industry vertical, it is fragmented into BFSI, telecom, retail, healthcare, media & entertainment and others. As an example, if a company were to hire one full-time person in the United States to do big data analysis, they would be looking at a yearly salary of around $100,000.

The Pilot: Data Scientist

It ensures that the track you are walking in is the most effective and suitable option available. When modern computers became widely accessible in the 90s, many businesses started employing data science to improve various aspects of their operations. Big Data and Data Science are interconnected, yet they are not equal in meaning. By its concept, Big Data designates all data types, characterized by volume, variety and velocity, which are extracted from different sources and require special systems & modeling techniques to process them efficiently. Outsourcing data analytics does have drawbacks, such as the risk of exposing sensitive company data, but there are ways to mitigate the disadvantages .

Variety – when you have a lot of metadata to manage and govern – imagine a relational database with thousands of tables of thousands of columns to catalog, and manage accesses to. Get big data outsourcing an access to the library of reports at any time from any device and anywhere. A cost-effective model tailored for entrepreneurs, investors, and students & researchers at universities.

big data outsourcing

Small and medium-sized companies especially tend to disperse their resources on secondary tasks, thus failing to strategize. One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing data science is the ability to forgo complex and time-consuming tasks and concentrate on making smart decisions. Outsourcing firms are ready to handle data collection, processing, and analysis alongside process automation to deliver valuable insights that will help you make the most informed decisions. The COVID-19 pandemic has bought a colossal positive impact on the global data analytics outsourcing market, which is expected to grow post the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, many businesses had to switch to remote working and work from home modes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The report focuses on the growth prospects, restraints, and opportunities of the data analytics outsourcing market. Hiring professionals from countries like India, where the cost of outsourcing big data analytics services is lower, is more cost-effective than finding specialists locally. Due to their growing demand, they can be easily allured by bigger companies. It is one of the reasons why your company must consider hiring offshore experts.

  • Service providers that don’t adequately focus on metadata priorities upfront will handcuff any big data program.
  • We offer Big Data development that allows organizations to take advantage of many opportunities, such as improved pricing, reduced operational costs, enhanced efficiency, increased sales and loyalty, and many more.
  • Businesses in IT, finance, manufacturing, retail and other industries can testify to the benefits of working with a staffing firm with niche expertise.
  • Velocity – when the speed of processing and sub-second latency from ingestion to serving matters.

However, if they were to outsource this work to an organization in countries with cheaper labor costs like India, they could expect to pay less than $10,000 per year for the same level of service. In addition, you may be able to reduce your data infrastructure costs, as many service providers are able to provide flexible and scalable cloud services. The challenge with this data deluge is that not all businesses are equipped to handle the data analytics technologies and expertise required for using big data analysis. Let’s look at some of the biggest pro and cons of keeping big data analytics in-house vs. outsourcing.

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• Supports a fair and data-driven approach to spur team performance and productivity. • Ensures accurate and automated data is captured to provide operational visibility. For up-to-date information on this subject please contact a Clark Schaefer Hackett professional.

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At the same time, the provider takes care of infrastructure setup & support, data management, and data analysis. At the same time, the development of e-commerce is also an opportunity for the descriptive data analysis market. Increase in adoption of connected devices, such as robots, sensors, and smart phones, is boosting industrial growth across the globe, which is expected to boost the growth of the data analytics outsourcing market. The adoption of analytics among various industry verticals is transforming enterprises from production facilities to smart organizations.

Companies hardly manage to take over business-critical information about suppliers, consumers, products. Thus, the prevailing majority of businesses are searching for Big Data outsourcing to find the technology which could convert their data into valuable insights and implement it. Agile offshore development is one of the most powerful approaches for developing high-quality projects. Here are the benefits and challenges of implementing this methodology within the outsourcing team. With Spectrum, a “workspace-for-rent” company based in Singapore, Fayrix provided dedicated development team services and developed AWS-based infrastructure and introduced the authentication API.

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According to a report by IDC , by the year 2025, we will be handling roughly 163 Zettabytes of data. Your provider may not have the same level of security controls in place as you do, and perhaps they are not as diligent about protecting your data from unauthorized access, theft, or corruption. This is because outsourcing allows companies to cut down on their own costs by taking advantage of cheaper labor rates that exist in other countries. Energy product data provider company with a broad vision for automation turns to AIMLEAP to reduce cost & increase efficiency.

If you outsource your big data to a single provider, you may find yourself locked into that provider’s services. If you want to switch providers, later on, you may have to go through a lengthy and expensive process of transferring your data to the new provider. Outsourcing big data management and analysis can be a great way to get the most value from this valuable resource. However, there are also some possible disadvantages to consider before making a decision. In the business world, big data is the large volume of data that companies collect and store. This data can be used to improve decision-making, drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge.

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